June 03, 2021 3 min read

What’s not to love about dog birthday parties? They’re the perfect excuse to get together with your friends and their canine pals for a howling good time. Unlike human birthday parties, you don’t need to stress over the finer details of your dog’s birthday; as long as you’re with them, everything is golden in their eyes.

Dog birthday parties bring joy to both you and your dog, so why not have some fun with your pup’s special day? From setting up a paw print station to handing out tasty dog chew treats, there are plenty of awesome ways to celebrate your pet completing another trip around the sun. Scroll on for a few of our favorite dog birthday ideas below and get ready to raise the woof!

1. Bake a Dog Birthday Cake

Everyone deserves to eat cake on their birthday, your dog included! Delight your pup on their birthday or adoptiversary by whipping up a birthday cake made especially for doggie tummies. Not a fan of baking? Treat your four-legged friend to a pupcake from your local pet store or go all out for them with a custom dog cake.

2. Choose a Fun Theme

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows that a good theme can make things a lot more fun and memorable. But who says that your theme needs to be dog-related? Go beyond paw print decor and choose a unique theme for your dog’s birthday party—like a circus or celebrity-themed bash. To get everyone into the party spirit, ask them to play dress up. Best human costume gets a gift card, while the best dog costume gets a yummy marrow bone!

Marrow Bone 3-Pack

Marrow Bone 3-Pack

3. Make Your Own DIY Dog Photobooth

Trust us: you’re going to want plenty of pictures to remember your dog’s epic birthday bash. What better way to capture memories than by having a photobooth for your party goers? If renting a professional photo booth isn’t in the budget, consider making your own DIY photo booth instead. All you need is a fun backdrop (Pinterest has tons of amazing ideas), some props, an instant-film camera, and voila! 

4. Set Up a Paw Print Painting Station

Looking for a dog birthday party idea that your guests will gush about for years to come? Consider setting up a paw print art station. All you need is non-toxic paint, thick paper, and maybe a few letter stencils. Have each pup dip a paw into the paint before stepping onto the paper. Pet parents can then use the stencils to write their pet’s name above the print. They could even frame their pup’s paw print when they get home.

paw print on paper of a dog

Source: Celiafoto/Shutterstock.com

5. Hand Out Goodie Bags for Your Canine Guests

Keep the fun going long after the party is over by handing out goodie bags for your canine pals. For a tail-wagging good time, you can’t go wrong filling their bags with bully sticks for dogs. Our all-natural chews are easy to digest, great for teeth, and suitable for dogs of all ages.

Get Your Pup Some Tasty Treats!

dog chew

6-Inch Thick Bully Stick 6-Pack

Looking for more ideas for dog goodie bags? Frisbees, squeaker tennis balls, and hypoallergenic dog treats (for pups with food allergies) also make wonderful party favors for your four-legged guests.

6. Make a Piñata for Your Dog

Who doesn’t love a good piñata? Making your own piñata is super easy with this DIY pet pinata tutorial from the San Diego Zoo. Unlike regular piñatas that you whack with a baseball bat, this piñata is essentially a treat-dispensing puzzle for your dog. How cool is that?

7. Build a Ball Pit

If you have a dog that’s totally ball-obsessed, you need to try this dog birthday idea: fill a kiddie pool with tennis balls and watch as your dog goes BALL-istic. You’ll have a blast seeing them hop in and out of the pool, pawing excitedly at the balls. Don’t have a kiddie pool? You could always stimulate their senses with the classic muffin tin game.

Don’t Forget the Birthday Presents!

Last but not least, give your dog a top-notch birthday present. Splurge on a new dog bed, a fancy harness, or a dog toy that you just know they’re going to destroy within minutes. Don’t forget to spoil the birthday boy or girl with their favorite dog chew treats from PawLove! From our mouthwatering marrow bones to our delicious Collagen Cheeks, our all-natural treats are sure to get tails wagging!