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Bully sticks for dogs have become a staple in every pet parent’s pantry, and rightfully so. Safe, nutritious, and jam-packed with health benefits for Fido, these flavorful dog chews are considered one of the best treats you can give your pup. Best of all, dogs LOVE them! Bully sticks have an irresistible smell and texture that will have your precious pup begging for more.

But as a responsible pet owner, you may be wondering: What are bully sticks made of, exactly? It’s a fair question, and one we’re happy to answer here at PawLove. Keep scrolling to fetch the answer! 

What Are Bully Sticks Made Of?

Like a retriever after a ball, we’ll cut right to the chase: Bully sticks are made from high-protein beef muscle. Suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, these high-protein chews are typically 100 percent beef. Most pup parents will recognize bully sticks by their stick-like appearance and reddish-brown color. 

Bully sticks may also have a distinctive, natural smell that becomes stronger when the stick is exposed to moisture (e.g., your dog’s saliva). While this may sound unappetizing to you, bully sticks are *chefs kiss* to our canine companions. Their delicious flavor, smell, and texture make this chew treat a winner in any dog’s book!

Benefits of Bully Sticks for Dogs

There’s no doubt about it: Dogs give bully sticks two paws up. But, as pet parents, there are plenty of reasons for us to love them, too. Here are a few additional benefits of bully sticks for dogs:

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  1. They’re Easily Digestible – Unlike beef rawhide bones and other low-quality dog chew treats, bully sticks are easily digestible and safe for dogs with sensitive tummies. These long-lasting chews are made from 100 percent beef muscle, which breaks down easily in your dog’s stomach.
  2. They’re All-Natural and Healthy – Many dog chew treats on the market contain a slew of chemicals and artificial ingredients that aren’t good for your canine companion. Skip the harmful junk and treat your pup to some all-natural bully sticks instead. Made from a single ingredient, beef pizzle, these protein-packed chew treats are a great source of amino acids and will help keep your pup satiated until their next meal.
  3. They’ll Give Your Pup a Brighter Smile – In addition to tooth brushing, letting your dog gnaw on the occasional bully stick is a great way to support their oral health. The act of chewing scrapes plaque off their teeth, reducing the number of bacteria in your pup’s mouth. Fewer bacteria in the mouth means happier gums and teeth.
  4. They’re Difficult to Break –Some dog chew treats can splinter or break while your dog is chewing them (looking at you, rawhide). If your pup swallows these pieces, it could cause internal injuries or obstruction. Bully sticks, however, are more difficult to break, making them a safer alternative to rawhide. (Note: Always supervise your dog during their chew sessions — even with bully sticks).
  5. They’re a Good Training Tool – Does your pup need to be trained out of a bad habit like destructive chewing? Bully sticks can help! Bully sticks are considered a “high value treat,” meaning they’re more likely to entice your furry friend into behaving the way you want. The next time you catch your new puppy going for your favorite pair of shoes, circumvent their bad behavior by giving them a bully stick instead. 

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Watch Out For Imitation Bully Sticks 

Thanks to their drool-worthy flavor and many health benefits, bully sticks have become one of the most popular chew treats on the market. Unfortunately, this has encouraged many vendors to sell imitation bully sticks to unsuspecting pet parents. These knock-off sticks look like bully sticks and may even be made with some beef pizzle, but they often contain low-quality ingredients and preservatives in an attempt to cover up their distinctive odor. If you want to treat your pup to a tasty, bone-fide bully stick, get your bully sticks from a reputable company like PawLove. Unlike other bully sticks on the market, our bully sticks are made from one ingredient and one ingredient only: 100 percent, high-quality beef muscle. 

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Our bully sticks for dogs come in two sizes: 6-inch and 12-inch. For medium- to large-sized breeds and aggressive chewers, we recommend our 12-Inch Thick Bully Sticks. Got a pint-sized pup? Our 6-Inch Thick Bully Sticks are perfect for small breeds and less aggressive chewers. Ready to spoil your dog with our all-natural bully sticks? Pick up a pack of bully sticks today or browse the entire collection of dog chew treats at PawLove.